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Osceola, Missouri a “just right” sized town nestled at the “quiet, peaceful” part of Truman Lake would like to welcome you.

While we are small enough to be friendly (under 1000 residents), Osceola is big enough to offer the services and conveniences for most needs. Often, when people consider a geographic relocation for their retirement or life-style change, they consider the availability of recreation, civic and professional resources. Osceola is the county seat for St. Clair County. From our own multi-service medical facilities filled with providers who care for their patients, to fine schools and unique shopping; to great fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and a beautiful RV park located at water’s edge, we are proud of our diversity.

One of the greatest assets of the Osceola area is the beautiful water we are surrounded by. Travel down 82 Hwy West towards our picturesque Roadside Park. It offers breathtaking views of the Sac and Osage Rivers. Year round, one can see the same water but with completely different scenery as the seasons change. The elaborate sunsets are awe-inspiring not only at the Roadside Park, but nearly anywhere you are in St. Clair County.

The earliest settler of St. Clair County was Jacob Coonce, a hunter who traveled the valleys of the Sac and Osage Rivers as early as 1827. The early settlement of St. Clair County followed the Sac and Osage Rivers and their tributaries. Immigrants continued to enter St. Clair County from the northeast and settle in that section first. The town of Osceola was actually begun in 1834.

With the abundance of rivers in the county, it was only natural that the early settlers would soon establish mills. This type of activity brought steamboat trade and colorful visitors. Railroad history in this area dates back to 1870.

One chapter of Osceola history is very black. During the period of border warfare between Missouri and Kansas, Jim Lane and his band of Kansas sympathizers entered, plundered and burned Osceola to the ground on September 23, 1861. It was quite a set back for Osceola, requiring a complete rebuilding.

Osceola and the surrounding areas are proud of our rich history and the countless areas we have to explore. While some things have changed in our area, many things remain the same. During the summer you can still find young boys and girls along the river with a rod and reel. Boats move lazily down the river and water birds skim the water’s surface while making a landing. This region is rich in family history and the pioneer spirit runs strong in today’s residents. Come sit a while with us and you may decide to stay. You can be guaranteed a good story, a fun history lesson and good friends.

For more information on the Osceola area visit the City of Osceola website at: Or, visit the Osceola Community Chamber of Commerce website at: for more information on the Appleton City area.

Schools in the St. Clair County area:
Lakeland Public Schools in Deepwater, MO –
Osceola Public Schools in Osceola, MO –
Appleton City Public Schools in Appleton City, MO – Elementary School in the Appleton City, MO area –Roscoe C-1, K-8 School
Lowry City Christian School –

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