AboutJudy Neunschwander

Judy Neunschwander

Judy Neunschwander

Judy has been with Stewart & Kiefer, REALTORS® LLC for a few years. She has resided in the area all of her life. Due to belonging to several community organizations, and her involvement in the community, she knows a lot of people!

Judy has lived on a farm for over half a century, making her knowledgeable about farming and the outdoors. Judy has been involved in the St. Clair County Food Banc, Red Cross, PTA, Church, Chamber of Commerce, and was one of the first people appointed to the Health Department Board in the area.

Judy likes to travel, being with people, gardening, canning, and making cheese. She also enjoys painting, and spending time making her house a home.

Judy chose to be in Real Estate because as she noticed that she was at the end of her other career, she wanted to stay involved in working with and helping people. She used to help people stay home and make their home accessible to their needs, now she helps people find homes.

She wants to be remembered by a person who was involved in life and interacted with many people of all ages and conditions. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would choose Switzerland to continue to trace the heritage of her husband, Art’s family. And Australia to reconnect with an AFS student whom they became close to when their daughter was in school.

Judy is at her happiest when she gets to see people achieve their dreams and live happy lives. Judy prides herself with the ability to change directions when faced with change. Things are always changing and being able to go with the flow is a great asset. Her goal is always to see people in a happy place.

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